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Brands - Space7

Space 7 is the first to create seven layers of protective structure by scientific combination of various functional materials so as to effectively accelerate the sinking rate of liquid and  increase intake volume. No gap fitting between layers, make the towel thin, soft and never out of shape. Space 7 is dedicated to create a individual pink culture of play- perfectionism when used, females could not only obtain perfect nursing but also it could also offer a chance for them to experience a feeling of playing to enjoying “i decide for my comfort.

Flagship product - Space7

  • Space7 private care wipes

    Space7 private care wipes

    1.Weak acidity formulation: provide a gentle cleaning to private parts.
    2.With plant extracts and APG essence, make it easy to get rid of menstrual irritability, depression.
    3.Cottony texture with delicated embossing, provide a gentle and comfortable touch.
    4.Clinically Proven Mildness: alcohol-free and passed through the skin irritation test.
  • Space7 princess pads

    Space7 princess pads

    0.99mm super-thin towel body, thin breathable, cool silky smooth,  experience of no menstruation, intimate care, freedom of movement.
    Bubble fragrance, feel at ease after bathing, always enjoy the natural health care, personalized princess exclusive odor.
    Printed soft surface layer, skin-friendly and considerate, delicate skin care.
  • Space7 girl series Sanitary napkins

    Space7 girl series Sanitary napkins

    100% cottony surface: made by carefully selected high quality raw materials from abroad integrated with the international leading technology .Ii is made of 100% fine soft cotton surface, care for the subtle feelings in delicate parts.
    Lock water circle: New added magic...
  • Space7 princess series sanitary napkins

    Space7 princess series sanitary napkins

    Invisible quick sink layer: patented pink magic absorbent core help the rapid sink of liquid without leaving any traces, like a pink cotton baby worthy of love by a princess.
    Oil-rich cream: carefully deployed oil formulation specially designed for princess , with the...