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Brands - Doria

Doria --- is a brand dedicated to supply maternity care products under Hengan Group. It  Has been  focused on the study of maternal care products, leading the development of domestic maternal care products. Doria, comes from the Greek, was translated for "duo Ya."in Chinese . Its original meaning is "God's gift", "from the sea". As a brand name,it sounds like a young woman who is naive, romantic,and who loves art and music. But more it is also like a best friend, girlfriend who shall be so considerate to every new mother . Committed to  become a professional maternal care brand,since the date of establishment, Doria always uphold the brand mission that "to be the new mother's intimate care experts" .It is dedicated to alleviate the burden of new mothers,try its best to help new mothers recovery form the postpartum and bring happiness to families.
As the largest manufacturers of women's sanitary napkins and baby diapers, Hengan Group’s  Business areas involved in the field of maternal and child health products and household paper, including Hearttex paper,  Anerle  baby diapers, Elderjoy adult diapers, Anerle sanitary napkins , space 7 Etc.

Flagship product - Doria

  • Doria zero sensitive soft puerperal pad(600mm*900mm)

    Doria zero sensitive soft puerperal pad(600mm*900mm)

    Time for use: from breaking of water before delivery to the mid period of puerperium.
    Soft velvet porous surface layer: specially designed the soft velvet punching skills for the now mothers offer soft touching experience, creating more comfortable space between the se...
  • Doria zero sensitive soft maternal towel 400mm

    Doria zero sensitive soft maternal towel 400mm

    Time for use: from three days post birth to the mid and end of puerperal period.
    Doria instant absorption nursing technology:well-fitting surface,added with highly bulky ,ultra-thin fabrics in conducting layer give a full support for the instant absorption, effectively reduce the allergy.
    Super-soft surface make it more comfortable:adopt super-soft fabric in the parts that touch the skin without feeling of friction to alleviate post birth pain.
  • Doria -zero sensitive soft maternal towels 620mm

    Doria -zero sensitive soft maternal towels 620mm

    Time for use: from breaking of waters before delivery to 3 days after delivery.
    Cottony surface , more Insensitive : specially adopt cotton surface layer to touch with the skin , effectively prevent perineal hemia and wound from allergies .Its very soft cotton textu...