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Brands - Anle

Anle brand is the founding brand of Hengan group. Since 1985 entering sanitary napkin Market, Anle occupied 40% market share in the national sanitary napkin Market within six years. In 2013, Anle brand reflected and explore carefully , pay attention to the younger generation of females and developed a new life concept of pursuing freedom and fashion.It launched new products for the young consumer groups aged between 18 -- 35 years old who have a young mind, energetic , fond of a simple free lifestyle and who are in the constant pursuit of fashion but with limited income,they shall be very rational in consumption and prefer cost-effective products.
Now Anle brand has two series of products:the extraordinary infiltration (2 generation) and the cottony napkins. The extraordinary infiltration seeks mainly the super absorbency. Strong absorption molecular technology combined with structure surface layer with great permeability  allow for super absorption with low flowing back ; Cottony napkin pursues the super cottony and soft touching feeling ,giving you gentle zero burden. At the same time,  flower wings added with  flexible body fitting design help you get out trouble of shift or shape changing.The concise design matched with lively lemon yellow color,Anle not only  bring a bright good mood but more turn out to be the new trend model.

Flagship product - Anle

  • Anle super infiltration

    Anle super infiltration

    The extraordinary absorption:.Strong absorption molecular technology combined with structure surface layer with great permeability allow for super absorption with low flowing back.
    The double "U" concave: fit the human body lines layer upon layer of insurance, safety protec...
  • Anle cottony Napkins

    Anle cottony Napkins

    Super soft comfortable surface: ultra soft cotton touching feeling, zero burden, fully protect female’s delicate skin.
    Super popular flowers wings: super popular and unique designed flower wings, flexible napkin body design bid farewell to the shift and shape changing.
    The cloud -shaped guiding groove design:  concise, lively, lovely cloud -shaped guiding groove design rapidly guide flow sink downward and fully absorb without leakage.