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Brands - Forbody

It’s said that during the 17th century, Italian Princess Neroli show special preference  for orange flower.She often used Neroli oil Citrus Aurantium as perfume to incense gloves and take bath, making her skin smooth and delicate as well as fragrant. Therefore, whenever she appeared at the banquet or other occasions , Her smooth skin and unique aroma always could quickly attract attention from all audience, let the aristocratic gentleman so fascinated for her. To commemorate the princess , people named orange flower Neroli. Inspired from this beautiful legend ,For-body select orange blossom, rose and other fragrant flowers with superior efficacy of skincare, added With cutting-edge "SFE originally ecological flower- refining technology" to produce the best body care products , bring oriental female marvelously smooth experience.

Flagship product - Forbody

  • Forbody  moisture Whitening Repair set

    Forbody moisture Whitening Repair set

    Silkysmooth texture, moisturizing but not heavy, easily absorbed by the skin.
    Enriched with natural rose essential oil , infuse skin with intense long-lasting boost of hydration, removes dehydration, rhagades, peeling and keep your hands warm and smooth for a long time.
    Romantic flower scents make a charming you with every movement.
  • Forbody flower-beauty.Refreshing Whitening Body lotion

    Forbody flower-beauty.Refreshing Whitening Body lotion

    Light and delicate texture, moisturizing but not heavy, allow skin fully absorb nourishing ingredients.
    Natural orange blossom essence plus rich natural whitening pigments penetrate deeply  into the body skin to dilute melanin , remove dull color and Whitening skin , making skin as white as snow and unforgettable at the first sight.
    Romantic roses aroma make you radiant and charming.
  • Forbody soothing Baptism-like body wash

    Forbody soothing Baptism-like body wash

    Visible lavender petals gently remove dirt and grease at the same time soothing soft skin.
    Naturally -derived lavender extract hydrate and moisturize skin and balance skin oil . Meanwhile It soothes tired skin and relax tense mood, give you a completely relaxing enjoyment.
    Fresh lavender flowers smell offer lasting fragrant aroma and give off a breath of gentleness and sweetness.