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Brands - Q-MO

Q is the initial capital of quotient , while the MO is the abbreviation of more [m abbreviations:]. Marked by modern blue,it means professional , sustainable development of technology. The stage objective of Q-MO is to to create the first brand  high-end  baby diapers used at night.While  the long term vision is to become the leader in China’s high-end baby care products .Under new brand advocacy Q-MO is trying to re position the brand with distinctive personality by improving brand products as well as adding elements of a small lion.

Flagship product - Q-MO

  • Q-MO the trouble-free diapers

    Q-MO the trouble-free diapers

    Q-MO trouble-free diapers is the product under market segmentation of night diapers , characterized with the five quick drying.There is no need  to change at the whole night. Meanwhile,it is customized for night use to absorb as much as possible.
    It still needs no change during night after five times of urine. Like the growing pants , it pays attention to the quality of baby sleep at night, care for each  growing process of the baby.
  • Q-MO the growing pants

    Q-MO the growing pants

    The Q-MO growing pants is designed for boy and girl baby respectively, which is characterized with a "belly warm ring". With the help of the technology ,the hollow fiber is  embedded into the ring to help discharge moisture, keep the temperature at constant so as to get baby out of the trouble of cold and relieve the mom of worry.