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Brands - Pino

Pino is the brand under Hengan Group dealing in high-end household paper. Branded with simplicity, personality, fashion, high quality, it promotes "a fashion sense, loves Pino paper ", leading the trend of fashion. Since listedin 2008,It is widely welcomed by young people and fashionable people. Pino pays attention to consumer demand,make great efforts in research and development to continuously launch new producuts.From the start of brand in 2008,it releases series of products including black and white series, Icolor series, business series and camouflage series, products include: paper handkerchiefs, wallet paper handkerchiefs, box paper towel, plastic paper towel, sanitary rolling paper etc.

Flagship product - Pino

  • Pino make-up remover series wipes

    Pino make-up remover series wipes

    1.Contains emulsion for removing make-Up easily.
    2.Contains collagen, bring the skin smooth and tender feeling
    3.Unique netting embossed, give you a soft feeling like having a facial mask.
    4.Clinically Proven Mildness: alcohol-free and passed through the skin irritation test.
  • Pino dry oil series monolithic device wipes

    Pino dry oil series monolithic device wipes

    Fashion: high-end fashion appearance, show your unique sharp personality.
    Simple: Connotation of neutral simplicity, show you out of the ordinary style.
    Hydra: the unique hydraulic new live formula, more TREHA rich hydrating factor, clear and moist;
    Moderate: product does not contain alcohol, pass skin irritation test.
  • Pino PC410+PC510

    Pino PC410+PC510

    Soft thick texture.
    3 layer 10 pieces.
    Point on new embossing.
    100% original pulp.
    High quality.
    Camouflage style.
  • Pino PC320

    Pino PC320

    Business, compact, portable.
    Fashion, texture.
    4 layer 5pieces.
    Point-to-point new embossing.
    100% original pulp.
    High quality.
  • Pino C2210+C2310

    Pino C2210+C2310

    The trend, fashion, cool.
    The low-key, luxury.
    Three layer 10 pieces.
    On the flat embossing.
    100% original pulp.
    Superior quality.