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Brands - Junichi

Japanese infant experts found that infants,in the various stages of growth, their skin  moisture content, the amount of sebum secretion, skin pH value are not identical,therefore it is necessary to develop different skin care concept according to the characteristics of the skin . Chun Yi actively introduced the concept, converted it into high quality products. At the same time, he recruited specially the Japanese infant expert of Dermatology Department  Mr. Yamamoto Ichiya as a consultant. At present, Chun Yi has produced the first three stages of infant skin care products, in the future,  based on the latest mother and infant research results, Chun Yi will enter more maternal and child skin care field.

Flagship product - Junichi

  • Junichi baby washing liquid to formaldehyde

    Junichi baby washing liquid to formaldehyde

    No added: no pigment, formaldehyde free, non fluorescent whitening agent, phosphor free.
    Natural cleaning formula could remove all kinds of dirt on baby clothes gently and effectively. soft and delicate foam is easy to wash without hurting the hand, leaving no residue....
  • Junichi baby moisturizing cream

    Junichi baby moisturizing cream

    No added -- no fragrance, no pigment, no mineral oil, no formaldehyde, no two dioxane.
    The value of -- weak acid formula , close to pH values of baby skin at three different ages, keep skin healthy and balanced.
    Plant formula -- use the edible Australian maca...