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Brands - MissMay

In 1998, according to the traditional beauty theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  the first brand Chinese herbal skin care - "MissMay" was born in the Chinese cosmetics industry base in Guangzhou.
In 1999 - MissMay’s series of skin care products successfully launched in the country .It is the first to launch skin care product under the concept of detoxes, Its remarkable beauty care effect has been widely recognized by the market.
By the end of 2008, MissMay research team madesignificant technological breakthroughs in ancient beauty technology. They formulated a modern herbal recipe that would effectively whiten skin- "Plus White", a natural herbal recipe that would balance of water and oil - "Qing Yang balance " and a moisturizing recipe -" Gomi Spring. "
 In 2009, "Plus White", "clear support balance", "Gomi Spring" and other products were comprehensive launched to the market. Since then, MissMay embark on the  new course of inheriting the ancient beauty recipe to cleanse skin and protect skin.
2013, Hengan Group invest heavily on MissMay brand's "Gomi spring", "Plus White", "clear support balanced" and other products for upgradation again,  achieving leaps and transformations from the product quality to the brand culture connotation.  At the same time ,Hengan made great efforts to launch series of new products aimed at anti-wrinkles and revitalizing the skin such as "Oriental Charm • reverse as the newborn", opening fully a new leaf in beauty with Chinese Medicine and natural herbal skin care .

Flagship product - MissMay

  • MissMay original lily petal tightening smooth body wash

    MissMay original lily petal tightening smooth body wash

    Select seasonal natural flowers added with 24 hours vacuum frozen preservation technology to ensure the most natural and pure flower essence.
    Immerse fresh petals into the natural spring water, make active nutrients of petals fully decompose into the spring. After the ...
  • MissMay newborn eye beauty cream

    MissMay newborn eye beauty cream

    Contains allantoin, hyaluronic acid and other highly effective moisturizer and natural moisturizing pigment, it could effectively diminish dark circles, smoothe fine lines, prevent eye bag, alleviate eye problems caused by dehydration, reactivate key signs of youth make eyes look fresh and luminous.

  • MissMay plus White whitening moisturizing cream

    MissMay plus White whitening moisturizing cream

    Plus White whitening moisturizing cream is particularly designed for Oriental female skin .It provides enriched moisturizer and nutrition to skin cells, and effectively rejuvenates skin cells, making skin look more soft, smooth, and delicate.
    With naturally derived plant ...