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Brands - Anerle

The world’s first diapers was came out in 1961,which gained unprecedented recognition in the market.
Aware of the enormous potential of the Chinese market in baby diapers in April 1994, Hengan introduce baby diaper production line , which is the first one Chinese own . In July, Anerle diapers appear on the market . From then on , Chinese have their own baby diapers.
Since 1996 , the first Anerle baby diapers appear in the market , Anerle has gone through 16 years . Anerle growing and transforming in the period , She won the favor of consumers gradually with its excellent product quality and a fair and reasonable price of the product , become the largest diapers brand in China so far.
Anerle, market share ranks second in the country for many years , Second only to the multinational Procter & Gamble's "Pampers" brand.

Flagship product - Anerle

  • Anerle zero sense thin silk (diapers)

    Anerle zero sense thin silk (diapers)

    Super soft solid punch surface layer, the new upgrade funnel type perforated surface layer skin soft and comfortable, dear.
    Inhibitory effect of patent protection, the diversion layer cut bacteria, effective antibacterial, prevent the red ass.
    The new upgrade powerfu...
  • Anerle super suction baby diapers

    Anerle super suction baby diapers

    3D stereo structure perfect, a thin film to absorb more urine, let the ass away from the urine to disturb, constantly dry.
    The human body curve combined tailoring, more fit the baby buttocks and legs curve with elastic waist, stretch freely, fit no side leakage.
    Microporous high performance exhaust bottom, can timely discharge stuffy moisture, fresh and comfortable small fart fart.
  • Anerle twisting, stretch pants

    Anerle twisting, stretch pants

    Current design three-dimensional pants fit, not only personal comfort, more let the baby moments blazed fashion style.
    Super absorbent core, transient absorption urine leakage, baby urine more, also not afraid.
    Easy side, wear off freely, more suitable for toddlers, active baby baby standing pull will wear.
    Side waist pull design, easy tear off, will not easily scattered.
    Super soft breathable quickly stuffy moisture, small fart keep fresh.