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Established in 1985,Hengan was one of earliest foreign investment enterprises entering in the PRC sanitary napkins market. Following the rapid expansion of the PRC hygiene products market, business of Hengan Group has grown steadily over the years. By now the Group has become the largest sanitary napkins manufacturer, the second largest disposable baby diapers manufacturer, the main adult diaper manufacturer, personal hygiene products manufacturer and household paper manufacturer. The total assets of Hengan is more than 2 billion Hongkong dollars, the staffs of Hengan is about ten thousands. Now the Group has a nationwide sales and distribution network and owns 23 PRC subsidiaries in 14 provinces.
As well as the expansion of sanitary napkins, Hengan also manufactures other personal hygiene products. Step by step, the Group has set up several famous brands, such as ANLE sanitary napkin, ANERLE sanitary napkin, ANERLE baby diaper, ELDERJOY adult diaper and MISSMAY tend-and-protect products, The Group is the oversea sale agent of Hearttex household paper as well. In 1999, ANERLE sanitary napkins were awarded "China's Famous Brand" by China National Industrial and Business Bureau.
For years Hengan believes that the quality of the Group's products is one of the major reasons for the Group's success. The Group's products meet their highest quality requirement through strengthening the quality control system. At present, Hengan's main manufacturing facilities and products have obtained ISO 9001 Certifications.
In order to keep up with the world market, Hengan places high emphasis on product innovation. Through research and development and technological improvement, the quality of Hengan's products continues to improve to international standards and follows the latest development of the world market of sanitary napkins and disposable baby diapers. This strategy ensures Hengan to maintain its competitiveness in the PRC market.
On December 8th,1998, Hengan successfully gained its listing status on the Union Stock Exchange of Hongkong Limited, which is a great milestone as well as a new stage for the company's development. The Group always adheres to the duty of producing comfortable and high quality products for the happiness and safety of all people.